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The Hidden Dangers Of Water Damage

The Hidden Dangers Of Water Damage

Water damage doesn’t look nice, but if untreated, it can become much more serious. Untreated water damage can pose a risk to health, and to the integrity of your building.

The extent of the risks will be determined by the type of water your property was flooded with, and how long it remained flooded. However, it’s not as simple as getting rid of the water, giving it a quick scrub and slapping some new paint on the wall.

Here are some of the hidden dangers that can result from leaving water damage in your home untreated.


1. Water damage can compromise the integrity of your structure

If water damage isn’t thoroughly dried out, plaster and brickwork can become rotten and unstable. It can crumble making it hard to redecorate, but it can also become weakened as a result of the water, creating structural issues for your property.

Any kind of water, grey water or including water from a water leak that isn’t dealt with can cause structural damage if ignored.


2. A perfect home for mould spores

If an area remains damp and isn’t dried out effectively following water damage, it can become a perfect home for toxic mould spores. Not only can mould spread quickly if it isn’t dealt with, it can also expel spores into the air that can negatively affect the health of those living or working in the area. Mould can be particularly dangerous for those with breathing disorders and compromised immune systems. Mould spores love damp environments, regardless of whether your water damage was caused by a leak, excess moisture or humidity, or flood water.


3. A harbour for dangerous bacteria

If the water damage is caused by flood water, also known as black water, the water that invaded your home was likely to have been carrying silt, dirt and maybe sewage from overflowing drains.

It’s essential that once the flood water has resided, the contaminated area is thoroughly and effectively cleaned to avoid the growth of bacteria. The area should then be completely dried out to ensure no further damage results before the property can become habitable once again.

Rainbow International have specialists trained in water damage management who can advise you on the best way to effectively remedy the water damage in your home or office, whether that be drying it out, or making it hygienically clean again, ready for you to move back in.