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How To Reduce The Risk Of Fire And Flood Whilst You Are Away

How To Reduce The Risk Of Fire And Flood Whilst You Are Away

There’s nothing like a holiday to recharge the batteries, relax and unwind from work and get to grips with the real you beneath all that day to day chaos.

However, if you don’t adequately prepare your home for your vacation, returning to your home to find a water leak, can undo all that relaxing.

When properties aren’t lived in, there’s an increased chance that a water leak, or a power surge, will go undetected. Here is the best way to stop your return home becoming a nightmare.

  • Switch off your water and central heating (unless temperatures outside are chilly, in which case don’t switch you heating off, in fact keep it on at a low setting to avoid frozen water pipes.) Shut off your water, to avoid any escape of water in your absence.
  • Check your windowsills for mirrors, jars and magnifying glasses that could start a fire if they were to catch the sun. Between 2010 and 2015 more than 150 fires were started in London, by the sun being magnified through such items.
  • Ensure all electrical items that aren’t needed are unplugged to avoid potential issues if your property experiences a power surge. Power surges can, at best damage your appliances, and at worst, can start fires that can spread throughout your property, wreaking devastation as they go.
  • Set a small lamp on a timer and ask a neighbour to park on your driveway to make it appear as though there is someone in the property. Placing a lamp on a timer can give the illusion that the house is occupied and deliver an effective, first line of defence.

If the worst should happen whilst you are away and your property experiences a fire or flood, you can use our 24-hour helpline to get the specialist help you need, when you need it.

From leak detection to fire and flood restoration and drying services, we can help you get your house back to being your home as quickly and easily as possible.